FLEET Annual Workshop, 2023

This year, took place at the . It was a five-day event where FLEET members came together to share the outcomes and progress of their research. There were many insightful talks across FLEET's three .

From our group, shared his recent work on demonstrating the first ever Mott metal-insulator transition in a metal-organic framework, which is now up on the . presented his latest experimental data on forming exciton-polaritons in a perovskite (stay tuned!) while spoke about his progress towards using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy to probe the opening of a topological gap in graphene with circularly polarised light.

There were also two poster sessions where FLEET researchers showcased their recent advancements, achievements, and challenges. I presented a poster showcasing my recent developments on fabricating transistor-like graphene devices which will be used to explore electron-electron correlations in metal-organic frameworks. I was fortunate enough to win one of three best poster awards, alongside and .

Julian Ceddia showcasing his PhD project in poster format at the FLEET 2023 Annual Workshop